First Meetings || Esme & Ali

Esme had finally finished unpacking - a task that had took her several days at the least. Even superhuman speed hadn’t helped her, and she had had to unpack several rounds of boxes for each of the several different rooms in the house: Rosalie and Emmett’s room, Jasper and Alice’s room, Edward & Bella’s room, Renesmee’s room, the Library, Carlisle’s study, Jasper’s study and her and Carlisle’s room. She had decided to take a break, even though the exertion wasn’t much, and it wasn’t as if she could get tired. 

She pulled on some nicer, flashier shoes and grabbed her handbag. She decided to go grocery shopping, because, eve though her family didn’t eat, she had to keep up the act. She took Rosalie’s car, seeing as it wasn’t being used, and was at the store in a matter of minutes. Her self-control had never been as good as any of the other Cullens, and she was really only just above Jasper in how good she was at holding back, but she figured she’d been fine here, just shopping.

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